What we do

We create working environment you want to spend your day in

We have stability and experience where our ability to meet exacting deadlines combined with our flexibility sets us apart from the rest

Cemac Auckland

Cemac Auckland Limited

Cemac is a commercial fitout company, we project manage and construct interiors that we are proud of and you want to work in.

We don’t just build partitions, we construct environments.  No other single company has the experience and extent of services that we offer.

We will achieve our commitments.  

We understand your plans, and have the teams to complete your projects to level of quality, timeframe and cost that will exceed your expectations.

We make your difficult projects easy. 

At Cemac we, through our extensive experience, control the team of contractors that are required to complete your project. We take your plans and build your dreams.

We turn clients into friends. 

We are in the business of building long term relationships by being the company you want to work with next time.